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6/4/20 06:22 pm - Because you might just be thick.


How close is close enough. X

3/6/13 06:30 am



"With no quantifying measure or punctuation, we let 2012 go. Writing this in year 2013 and wondering where time has gone

“I am a person who believes in form, in the harmony of order. Where we can, we must give things a meaningful shape”.............. I have always struggled with a constant need for conclusion but this year I spent the last few painting my face and putting on a nice pair of shoes to quiet songs. Don’t quite get where I am going with this.

There were words- loss, 10pm heavy feet, school, empathy, clean, bright lights, too much champagne, 4am where did you go, staircase side thankful, family, chaos, alcohol poisoning, 3am yelling over the phone, holding hands, your car and that one song, salvation, flight, coexisting, your bed. But that was that, words with no where to go, no closure, no harmony. Without order I let the year go.

This year was loud actions and a quiet hard/heard. There has never been more… life and I’m glad for that. Slipping into what I thought was endless oblivion and catching myself because WHAT WOULD HAVE BEEN THE FUCKING POINT ….. the best decision I have ever made for myself. I am thankful for good timing and for finally being okay with being me. 2013, I think I am finally over being weak.

Spent the last night of a crazy year the way I ought to, in chaos and with the people I love. No grand gestures or needless routine. Just alot of love and gratuitous champagne. I think I am finally growing up"


We're gna be okay


3/3/13 05:47 pm - Maybe I need you

The winter I told you I think icicles are magic
you stole an enormous icicle from a neighbors shingle
and gave it to me as a gift
I kept it in my freezer for seven months
until the day I hurt my foot
I needed something to reduce the swelling
love isn't always magic
sometimes its just melting
or its black and blue
where it hurts the most
last night I saw your ghost
pedaling a bicycle with a basket
towards a moon as full as my heavy head
and i wanted nothing more than to be sitting in that basket
like ET with my glowing heart glowing right through my chest
and my glowing finger pointing in the direction of our home
two years ago I said I never want to write our break up poem
you built me a time capsule full of big league chew
and promised to never burst my bubble
I loved you from our first date at the batting cages
when I missed 23 balls in a row
and you looked at me
like I was a home run in the ninth inning of the world series
now every time I hear the word love I think going going
the first week you were gone
I kept seeing your hand wave goodbye
like a windshield wiper in a flooding car
and the last real moment I believed the hurricane would let me out alive

12/1/12 02:26 pm - DES-PICABLE MI-NK

About 3 months late lol but ok here are some pictures from my birthday month~

X X X X X XCollapse )

9/23/12 07:55 pm - so close to something better left unknown

Take a picture i'll remember someday all the chances we took
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